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Donkeys Available to Hire for Any Occasion

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Woodsaws Farm, Lanreath, Looe,

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Walking with Donkeys

Countryside Donkeys offers walkers the opportunity to enjoy a donkey in the most traditional of ways. A donkey, along with its handler, will accompany you on your walk and will carry your picnic and other luggage for the duration of your walk, the traditional beast of burden!  

The donkey’s handler will be in charge of the donkey at all times, however a second lead rope is available should anyone like to have a go at leading a donkey.

Countryside Donkeys Offers Donkeys for:

Donkeys are available for children’s rides – weight limit 6 stone (84lbs/38kgs) / minimum age is 2.

Donkeys carrying pack saddles offering treats to your guests.

Donkeys penned up as a petting attraction.

Please note that everything will have to be evenly distributed over both panniers for the donkey to be safe and comfortable throughout the day.

Coastal paths are UNSUITABLE for donkeys and are the only walk they will not be able to accompany you on.  

Moorland, woodland, the Camel Trail and nearly any other walk in Cornwall are possible for a donkey to make your walk extra special.

Countryside Donkeys is fully insured and

is licensed by Cornwall Council